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Everything Triminator does starts with the cannabis farmer. Their story began in Northern California when a few grower friends asked them to create a machine that could trim their premium flower at a commercial scale. From a humble start, they worked tirelessly to engineer equipment to help fulfill the increasing needs of the grower, expanding our product line to encompass the entire process from the field to the final dried product.

Today as part of Eteros Technologies, and combined with our Mobius product line, Triminator offers the most comprehensive range of cannabis and hemp processing equipment in the world. They proudly supply some of the most advanced farms across the globe and maintain our commitment to supporting farmers both large and small. They continue to engineer harvest solutions based on feedback from our friends in the farming community; to help growers increase productivity and profitability in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.

*Transcription* Eteros Triminator Harvesting Line

[0:00] Eric: Hi, I’m Eric and this is another episode of the Grow Pro Channel and today, we’re going to be talking about Eteros Technologies. Who is that you might ask? Well, they’re the makers of Mobius and Triminator. Two trimming lines that can help you automate your harvest at harvest season. So let’s take a deeper dive into some of the models they offer and how it can benefit your cultivation.

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[0:22] Eric: What’s really great about Eteros Technologies, as we’ve mentioned before, is their line covers the entire moisture spectrum. You have the Mobius, that we just talked about that covers the wet and semi-dry trimming and then you have the Triminator line which covers dedicated dry trimming which is ideally at a ten percent moisture level. 

The great thing about the Triminator line is that they have a very wide arrange of sizes depending on your size cultivation. We can use the Triminator Mini that’s capable of five pounds an hour. We can do the Triminator Dry which is capable of eight pounds an hour. Or, we can go to the big boy, the Triminator XL which is capable of 60 pounds per hour. 

The Triminator is an in-line batch trimmer. And, what we mean by that is you load and unload your product in batches. The technology it uses to trim your flower at that ten percent moisture level is a trimming band which is essentially a saddle that runs along the lower hemisphere of the tumbler. As the flower tumbles, it agitates itself, that does some of the trimming and then the sheering band gets whatever sticks out or protrudes outside of the tumbler. This is a very gentle process and a process you can monitor from both sides. 

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[1:24] Eric: You don’t have to worry about messing with different speeds because Triminator already did the testing for you. They’ve tested hundreds of machines at hundreds of different speeds and they have determined that the set speed is perfectly gentle while still efficient at the ten percent moisture level.

If your company is focused on an extraction department, look no further because any trim that comes out of the bottom of the Triminator is absolutely gold to an extractionist. Because the flower’s at that ten percent moisture level all the cell walls are really stable and the cut’s so gentle that you’re not getting that mulching or mashing of the cell walls. So anything that comes out of this trim is gonna extract gold and stable.

Now, everything is also food-grade within this machine and breaks down within minutes for cleaning. A simple pressure washer or air compressor and some enzymes complete for your cleaning solution can clean the entire product and have it back in production really quickly. Not only is the trim coming off the Triminator perfect for extraction, you can also take that refinement a step further with your kief extraction kit. This lets you sort your trim through a 130-micron screen to separate all the kief and send it off for other extraction purposes like using the new Triminator TRP rosin press. You might notice that the motto of Triminator is “NorCal Built.” This hasn’t changed because they’re still built in NorCal and all of these machines were tested in fields of outdoor harvest in Northern California. 

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[2:44] Eric: Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the Grow Pro channel. We touched on a very small part of the Triminator line today with the Mini, XL, and Dry. So make sure to stop in at a Grow Generation near you and ask to speak with a Grow Pro so you can see the full Triminator line and automate your harvest today.

Grow Generation Editorial 


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