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Mobius takes the complexity out of harvesting by offering the world’s best cannabis processing equipment. Our machines are engineered for ease of use, scalable output, and safety. They disassemble by hand in minutes, and are so simple to clean that GMP-certified workflows are easily accommodated. Plant material bucked, trimmed, and milled by Mobius equipment rivals product processed by hand. Backed by harvest consulting experience earned in facilities around the world, top-tier customer service, and an immersive training academy to help you maximize your investment, our bucking, trimming, and milling equipment is quickly becoming the unrivaled global standard for cannabis processing. Once you’ve tried a Mobius, you won’t imagine using anything else. GrowGeneration is the largest chain of specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores in the US. From seedling to harvest, we’re here to be your go-to partner and resource for all your grow supplies and questions. Come into one of our nationwide locations or shop online to take your cultivation facility to the next level!

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*Transcription* Mobius 108s Trimmer and MBX Bucker

[0:00] Eric: Hi, I’m Eric and this is another episode of the Grow Pro Channel and today, we’re going to be talking about Eteros Technologies. Who is that you might ask? Well, they’re the makers of Mobius and Triminator. Two trimming lines that can help you automate your harvest at harvest season. So let’s take a deeper dive into some of the models they offer and how it can benefit your cultivation.

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[0:23] Eric: The first two products that we’re gonna talk about are from Mobius. We’re gonna talk about the 108S Trimmer and the MBX Bucker, two great pieces of equipment to help you automate your harvest. One of the first features that really stands out is very different from the rest of the market on the 108S is the air tension tumbler. This is a technology that lets your tumbler have a perfectly round circumference. Something that’s not accomplished by any stamped tumbler on the market.

Also, instead of one single cutting surface, we have three bed knives and three specifically designed helical blades that are tripling your cutting surface giving you a tighter cut. That in combination with scientifically close tolerances and the air tension tumbler allow you to get the tightest cut possible on your flower.

In addition to the air tension tumbler, you can also control all the major factors that go into controlling an automated harvesting machine. We can control the speed of the blades, the speed of the tumbler, the strength of the vaccum, the pitch of the machine, and with the addition of conveyors we can also control the feed rate. 

The mobius 108S is a very technologically advanced trimmer in the sense that is set up for grows of the future. It’s thought about everything that, you know, isn’t in place yet like GMP standards and necessary UL certifications. This machine comes with all of those. On top of that, if there’s ever a part that’s out of place or a blade that’s out of line, the machine will let you know with safety warnings that go off when anything is outside of the required tolerances for operation. 

One Mobius 108S Trimmer is capable of anywhere fro 60 to 120 pounds per hour wet. You can easily double that production by coupling them together. Now, the engineers at Mobius have thought ahead and you don’t have to buy any extra parts to couple your machines. There’s two hooks to put the machines together and you can use the hydraulic lifts to adjust the pitch in unison. 

The Mobius 108S is a complete system. There’s no additional vacuums you need to buy and, in fact, a trim preservation system is built right in. So, any system with a wet or semi-dry that comes comes out of this machine is gonna be premier trim for extraction. 

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[2:21] Eric: The next product we’re gonna talk about from Mobius is the MBX Bucker. The MBX Bucker can be really helpful in speeding up you process as long as you have an efficient workflow going into it. Ideally, you would wanna have a few crew members getting all your branches ready for the Bucker and then two operators actually bucking the unit through the star bits which allow a really clean pop through the pull and pop mechanism. 

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[2:44] Eric: Two people can do up to 150 pounds per hour operating on both sides of the Bucker and the best part is you don’t have these long gangly stems hanging out the back when you’re done because the Mobius, once again, thought about and added a mulcher or woodchipper to the back of the machine that cuts your stems up into nice little carrots. One bag of chip stems out of the MBX Bucker is equal to 20 bags of unchiped stems from the competitor bucking machines. So everything’s really easy to clean up and waste management becomes a lot more consolidated. 

The MBX Bucker is a very versatile bucking machine with a wide range of speeds that allow you to go from wet or semi-dry. If you’re doing a wet trim you wanna speed it up as high as the flower can take and if you’re doing a dry or semi-dry trim you wanna reduce the speeds down as slow as necessary to not cause damage. It also has a push stop emergency stop button just in case anything goes into the Bucker that’s not supposed to be in there. Like all products on the mobius line, the MBX Bucker is also GMP certified and UL certified to help take care of any future regulations that may come down the road. 

The Mobius 108S Trimmer and the MBX Bucker are just two of the machines offered by the Mobius line that can greatly help you automate your LP. So make sure to check out our website and talk to a Grow Pro near you because they have mills, they have bukers, they have trimming machines. Fully automated systems that can revolutionize your LP. 

Grow Generation Editorial 


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