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CharCoir knows that a clean, high quality medium is essential for optimal plant growth. CharCoir’s CocoCoir is the highest grade coco available. All of their products are produced in-house by their facility, and not outsourced, to ensure consistency and quality. Many protocols have been implemented with the grower’s success in mind. Each batch comes with a chemical analysis available to the client and serves as a testament to our quality control standards.

*Transcription*Charcoir Baged Coco Products

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[0:11] Michael: At CharCoir, we also have a suite of products. It’s all loose-fill coco with some different amendments, different blends. We have a Coco Coir, we have the Cloud Coir, Coirganic Coco, and the Coco Slab. The real, you know, benefits of this Coco is the, you know, intense protocols that we go through at the farm. It’s a single-source farm. We have an RHP certification. We take a lot of pride in consistency with this Coco. 

First, we have Coco Coir. It is 100 percent Coco Coir, it has the RHP certification which is the calcium nitrate buffer to displace potassium. Really important for your nutrient uptake, your cation exchange for your plants to be able to uptake that nutrients. Uh, the salts are really, really low. We do a chemical analysis for every single batch and, uh, you can put it in any container here, um, your just filling up your container and it is just a really, really nice substrate here. 

Our next medium is Cloud Coir. It is a 50/50 blend of perlite and Coco. It’s a ae- our aeration mix, it really allows for more frequent watering. Um, it also has the RHP certification, comes with the chemical analysis as well, used for all stages of growing. You know, a lot of guys, uh, really like perlite for the aeration. It’s, uh, it’s like a soil in a way and you can heavily feed this substrate, especially in the vegetative state a-and into flower. 

We also have a product called Coirganic Coco. This is a 100 percent Coco Coir in a 50-liter bag but it is a fully organic registered CDFA organic, uh, you know, a very, very, uh, good certification for organic growers. This is not an RHP certified product. It does not have the calcium nitrate buffer. It is naturally buffered. So, this product is really for the grower who really is going for that organic certification and it also, uh, is for all stages of growing, veg into flower. 

Lastly, we have the Coco Slab. This is a different form than the normal 50-liter bags. We have 38 liters of substrate. It’s coming in a long shape here, it’s three feet long, eight inches wide, and four inches tall. This is generally used to put your clones in, to veg and flower in, to put your seeds in and you can use it as a step up or a  transplant for your Coco cube used in all stages of growing. 

At CharCoir, we truly believe we’ve created the best Coco substrate available on the market. We have a ton of protocols that we follow religiously and we are here for the grower. We believe this product saves you time and money and you will grow better.

Alright everybody, thank you so much for watching and tuning in. If you wanna purchase any of these CharCoir products, please visit a Grow Generation store near you. If you wanna get any more information on what we discussed today, please visit and keep on watching to learn how to grow like a pro.

Grow Generation Editorial 


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