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Coco coir is an organic product derived from processing coconut husks from coconut trees grown in tropical and subtropical areas. The processing of coco husks to obtain coco coir involves a series of steps including aging, washing, rinsing, buffering, drying, grinding, grading, and compressing. These steps are necessary to change the physical and chemical characteristics of coco coir so that it is suitable for plant growing. Prior to any treatment, coco coir’s cation exchange complex is naturally saturated with sodium due to coconut trees natural proximity to coastal areas and high tolerance for salt (sodium chloride). Coco coir’s initial salt content, measured by the electrical conductivity (EC), can range between 2 and 6 mS/cm – excessive for plant growing. Coco coir’s cation exchange complex also naturally contains large amounts of potassium, which competes with magnesium and calcium for uptake. Char Coir coco is abundantly washed with fresh water until reaching an EC below 1.0mS/cm (based on 1:1.5 extraction method). Even after washing, coco coir still contains residual sodium and potassium left in the complex, which can lead to nutrient lock up later. To stabilize the cation exchange complex and avoid nutrient deficiencies during the crop season, adequate buffering of coco coir is essential.

*Transcription*Charcoir Compressed Coco Cube and Biopots

[0:00] Michael: Hello, my name is Michael Leone, I’m the founder of CharCoir. CharCoir is a coco-based substrate company. Today, we’re going to be talking about some groundbreaking products I designed for fellow growers. This saves you time and money, so let’s get started. 

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[0:35] Michael: I started CharCoir in 2013. My mission was to create a clean and consistent Coco Coir for fellow growers. We focus on sustainability, innovation, cleanliness. As we all know as growers, you know, we have a bag of soil, and we’re taking that soil out that takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of space. The Coco Cube and these BioPots here are compressed already in a fabric bag. So it is all-inclusive, all in one. 

First product we have is the Coco Cube. This is a six by six by four after complete hydration. As you see, it comes compressed. Uh, really allows for a lot of units to be in a box. It allows for a lot of space-saving in your grow. 

There are several ways to hydrate all of these products. You can do an ebb and flow, you can do with a water wand or hand water, or you can do with a drip steak. Uh, for today’s purposes of hydration, we’re just gonna slowly fill into the center of the Coco cube. I like to pull up the corners here like so, basically creating a little vessel for the water.

The paper is hydrophobic for a reason. Um, when you’re pouring the water in you might have, uh, some amount of nutrients in there, some, uh, cow magnesium, so, you know, we wanna kind of keep that in there. We don’t want the water flowing all out of the bag an-and you’re losing some of that nutrients. There is a center hole here ready for your clone and we’re just going to pour this right in the center here. 

This does go faster, of course, depending on your technique. As we’re filling this up, you’re gonna see the Coco expands within this bag. Um, it is a six by six by four after you fully hydrate it. This particular product is designed for veg and flower. This was designed basically for Rockwool growers who want to grow in Coco. You plant your clone right in, you go right into flower into finish. Very, very effective, uh, way of growing. 

Now, we’re going to discuss the BioPots. These are open top products, three different sizes. First off, we have the four-inch BioPot. Four-inch BioPot, you probably think about maybe as like maybe a red Solo cup. It is designed to veg in. We’ll add some water and do some hydration. Again, we’re just pouring the water in the center here. This particular product hydrates quite quickly. As you can see, the Coco is expanding in the bag. And it will fully hydrate and be ready to plant. This product you can veg your clone in and you’d go directly into an eight-liter BioPot which is a much larger size. 

Now, we have the three-liter BioPot. We have the compressed Coco here. It is an open-top here. So, as you can see you have your pot, your fabric, and your compressed Coco inside. It is also designed to veg and flower in, there is no reason to veg in another container. You’re putting your clone directly into here, after it’s hydrated, and then you’re just shifting that right over into flower. This is the three-liter BioPot, fully hydrated, as you can see. It’s seven and a half inches diameter and it’s just after hydration. I mean the Coco is, is just incredible here. It’s really a-a beautiful substrate.

Now, we have the eight-liter BioPot, completely different size. This is our largest form of the BioPot. It is 13 and a half inches diameter. Um, your mothers can go in here. And as we spoke about earlier, the four-inch BioPot, after you veg in that, if you wanna veg for a long time you can get much larger plants, and you can actually bury the four-inch into this eight-liter BioPot.

We have here how it comes in the box. It is quite large. There is ten per box but you’re getting a lot of substrate here. It is compressed and the same form. You know, you have an open-top bag here and you’re filling this with water. These, generally are hydrated by an ebb and flow. If you sit this in a tray and you fill up the tray with water and you can just walk away and this will start to hydrate. You might need to come back with a water wand on the top just to get a little bit more moisture in there but it’s a really cool technique to hydrate these. You can obviously just water in right through the top with a water wand. Really cool product, uh, in the line of all the different BioPots. Three sizes, four-inch, three-liter, and the eight-liter and they all do a few different things and, enjoy! 

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[5:06] Michael: At CharCoir, we truly believe we’ve created the best Coco substrate available on the market. We have a ton of protocols that we follow religiously and we are here for the grower. We believe this product saves you time and money and you will grow better.

Alright everybody, thank you so much for watching and tuning in. If you wanna purchase any of these CharCoir products, please visit a Grow Generation store near you. If you wanna get any more information on what we discussed today, please visit and keep on watching to learn how to grow like a pro.

Grow Generation Editorial 


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