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Gard’ N Clean is an amazing product that keeps your workspace and cultivation clean so your co-workers and plants can carry on with their lives in a clean environment amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. Gard’ N Clean has a 3-pronged approach to disinfecting your cultivation site of almost every known pathogen known to man. The big key to take away from this video is that the Gard N Clean formula is based off a 99.99% pure Chlorine Dioxide. This is a pure substance with one purpose; “kill the bad stuff but don’t hurt the good stuff”. The main difference in Gard N Clean and other disinfectants is that it is simply chlorine dioxide transported by H20. Almost all commons disinfectants are slurry of chemicals, some of which are not good for you or your plants. It is as simple as that.

The first prong in the GnC line of defense is the liquid form. This liquid can be diluted into a spray bottle and used to clean any reachable surface. The Pure CIO2 is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms including Covid-19. Its impossible for even the nastiest pathogen to build up any kind of tolerance to GnC. If it gets on your person or your precious plant, do not fret, the low corrosive nature of GnC will not harm you or your crop. This is possible because GnC is the worlds only selective oxidizer which means it has high oxidation potential but a low oxidation strength. This simply means it cleans a surface without damaging the material or your skin.

Phase two of this system, the Extended Release, is a humidity activated ClO2 generator that deodorizes your workspace. The product can be activated and left in the room while you work. It will immediately get to work on eliminating odors and the possibility of cross contaminations of odors.

Phase three is the Fast Release. This is coupe de grace for any micro organism hiding in the nooks and crannies of your cultivation. The fast release is a dry gas fumigation with a very, very, very small micron size. That means it can get to all the places the liquid cannot. Once released into the room it begins to attack any non-sealed or porous material, ducting, electrical housing etc. This product is most effective when coupled with the liquid form to ensure that every nanometer of your grow is pathogen free.

The cliff notes are this: Gard N Clean is a safe, effective way for you and your team to sanitize and deodorize your cultivation site and have a better peace of mind when working during these trying times. Oh, and its readily available unlike other common disinfectants found in your local grocer or hardware store. So stop by a Grow Generation near you and pick up your Gard N Clean kit today and tomorrow you can get back to work and feel sure you are doing your best to protect your employees and plants.

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[0:05] Eric: Hi everyone, Eric Singleton here with the Grow Pro Channel and I am very excited to be back in operation. We had to take a big break from filming due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But now, we are back in our new studio, it’s under construction at the moment. Um, and we’re gonna use this platform to bring you a lot of really awesome, educational, how-to versus unboxing, just tons of information for you at home so you can know how to grow more like a pro.

So in today’s episode, our first episode back, we thought we would do something a little pertinent to our current situation and talk about sanitation, cleanliness, and the Covid-19 virus in the workspace. We’re bringing in Shawn today from Gard’N Clean, which is a line of products, specifically used for sanitizing and cleaning and disinfecting your workspace, without harming your flower or your employees.

Hey Shawn. Thanks for coming in today and, ah, you know, taking the time to answer a few of our questions about the Gard’N Clean products so we can inform our customers. Because, obviously, at the top of their mind is, “how do I keep my facility safe? How do I keep my employees safe, during the Covid 19 pandemic?” So, um, if you don’t mind, let’s start off. How did Gard’N Clean come about?

[1:13] Shawn: So, we were initially presented a- the pro-problem of how do you manage to clean a cultivation facility that has living organisms in it, that has the people that are working in it, um, and how do we eliminate those pathogens safely, without impacting the quality of our crop, uh, without having the nasty residuals that are left behind from a lot of the different, uh, fungicide options and different disinfectant options that are available to us? And so, we, we partnered with Selective Microtechnologies. We built off the base of their technology, which is the premier technology on the planet, um, for generating ultra-pure chlorine dioxide. Um, we were able to take that, um, utilize our ground, boots on the ground experience, um, to work with them over the course of, of a few years, to develop a set of products and really build upon the technology that they already had.

[2:00] Eric: And, so it sounds like, Shawn, you have a tried and true tested method for, ah, disinfecting the workspace. How effective is Gard’N Clean at disinfecting the Covid-19 virus and other dangerous pathogens that might compromise a workspace?

[2:14] Shawn: So, we’ve had our human coronavirus claim, ah, since around 2004. Um, on March fifteenth when the EPA came out and started publishing their list end of disinfectants for use against SARS-COV-2 which is the-the technical name of the virus that causes the disease of Covid-19. Um, you know, working our way up the part per million level, we’re effective against t-tuberculosis, we’re effective against legionnaires disease, we’re effective against HIV, we’re effective against herpes. I mean, the list goes on and on and on as far as all of these different pathogens, ah, that we are, ah, very very effective against. And the same goes for cultivation pathogens, ah, which, we-we-we see more often in the sense of things like powdery mildew or botrytis or grey mold, ah, Fusarium, Pythium, a lot of these other root rot causes. So, really, there is no pathogen that can build up any resistance to us, um, a-and as I say that before the, the list of- it would take me, we probably would sit here for ten minutes or longer for me to read through all of the different, uh, um, you know, pathogens that we have efficacy claims on file for. These are all studies that have been, uh, submitted and approved via the EPA so that we have the ability to have them listed.

[3:34] Eric: So, is all this info on your website, Shawn, for our customers to go do their own personal research?

[3:39] Shawn: Ab-absolutely. We have a “Resources” page on our website. There’s more information that’s being added to it, um, pretty much on a day-to-day basis right now. But that is a document that is readily available for, for people to peruse and-

[3:52] Eric: So, we’re gonna put that link in the description down below. Now, Shawn, what are the actual applications? How do the customers use your product in their cultivation and workspace?

[4:00] Shawn: Yes, so we have three different products, or three different delivery methodologies for chlorine dioxide. Um, first and foremost is our liquid product. What we like to do is we use our liquid to spray down all hard surfaces, everything that you can s-

[4:16] Eric: So, general disinfectant use?

[4:17] Shawn: As a general disinfectant. So within cultivation rooms, that’s floors, tables, trays, um, sides of pots, walls, you know, equipment, um, HVAC, you know, your coils on your D Huez. All these different things, ah, because of that high material compatibility, it gives us the, uh, the freedom to spray it, um, much, much, more freely than you would with really any other liquid. Um, that being said, with any liquid product or any disinfectant, when you’re spraying you’re limited to the ability for that liquid to come in contact, um, with the, with surfaces, especially when you’re talking in microscopic openings and when you’re talking within the ducting of your HVAC. Um, so, by utilizing our, our fast release product, um, we’re able to get into all those, those nooks and crannies so to say, um, all the hard-to-reach spaces, um, inside of the, uh, the inside of your lighting, inside of your electrical equipment, inside the filters, inside of all of these different places that without a true gas-phase product are very, very hard to reach.

The third product we have is our extended-release. Um, this is a humidity-activated sachet. Um, it generates an OSHA and EPA compliant amount of-of chlorine dioxide for chronic exposure and it is a, really the best deodorizer that-that’s on the market. It works absolutely wonderfully for mitigating cross-contamination and eliminating these airbourn contaminants.

[5:44] Eric: Shawn, thank you so much for coming by today and describing Gard’N Clean’s methods and how you use them. I mean, it’s clearly a system that’s perfect for a top-down solution on keeping your workspace clean and sanitized so that everyone can feel a little safer about going back to work after the lockdown. So, thank you so much for coming by and, you know, we look forward to working with you in the future. Hey, go out there and grab some Gard’N Clean products.

[6:08] Shawn: Well, thank you for having us we’re-we’re-we’re extremely ecstatic to, uh, be working with Grow Generation on this. Um, it’s, it’s been a huge team effort on-on our part, um, you know, we wouldn’t be able to do it without everybody that, that’s on the team that, you know, really has brought their own areas of expertise. Um, and I really don’t think that you could have said it better. It is really a perfect product for the, the day and age that we live in both within the, uh, specific needs within the cannabis cultivation arena as well as some of the other issues that we’re facing during this pandemic.

[6:41] Eric: Couldn’t agree more Shawn. So, for everybody at home, thank you so much for tuning in for the first post-lock-down episode of the Grow Pro Channel. We’re really excited to be back and we’ve got some really awesome content in the pipeline for the coming months to help you grow more like a pro. So, go by a Grow Generation near you today, pick up some Gard’N Clean, and just get that one step closer to feeling a little better at work and being a little more sure of the sanitation level of your work environment. Have a great day, and thanks for tuning in.

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[7:05] Eric: We’ve got more to show ‘em? It’d been, that’d’ve been nice to know.

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[7:12] Eric: Stay tuned to the end of the video. W-Shawn’s gonna walk us through the step-by-step process of the liquid, extended, and fast-release products so as soon as you get home with your new products you can just tune into t- in this video and do a step-by-step instructional on how to use and apply the Gard’N Clean sanitation products.

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[7:34] Shawn: In this video, we would like to introduce you to Gard’N Clean’s GC liquid. Gard’N Clean’s GC liquid generates and EPA registered, Omri-organic listed, 99.9 percent ultrapure chlorine dioxide at point of use. Gard’N Clean’s GC liquid is available in three sizes. To generate Gard’N Clean GC liquid first, fill your generation vessel with the required amount of water.

[7:58] Water Pouring

[7:59] Shawn: Simply open the pouch,

[8:02] Tearing Noise

[8:03] Shawn: remove the sachet, add it into your generation vessel and reattach the lid.

[8:09] Snap

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[8:14] Heavy Breathing

[8:16] Shawn: Now that we’ve completed the generation process, it’s time to get to work. In this case, we are using a simple hand pump to remove the Gard’N Clean GC liquid from the generation vessel and place it into a measuring cup for easy dilution.

[8:30] Snap

[8:32] Shawn: We are now going to dilute our 100 part per million solution down to a surface sanitizer which makes a wonderful replacement for dilute bleach or isopropyl alcohol. We have taken five ounces of our 100 part per million disinfection strength liquid, added it to our spray bottle, and then added 20 ounces of water.

[8:52] Music

[8:57] Shawn: This will yield us, a twenty part per million solution which is now ready to use.

[9:02] Shooting Noise

[9:04] Shawn: Simply spray and walk away. Gard’N Clean’s GC liquid leaves no residue and requires no rinse.

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[9:13] Shawn: Gard’N Clean’s GC fast release is a simple, just add water, ultrapure chlorine dioxide fumigation treatment. GC fast release products are available in four sizes based off the cubic volume of the area being treated. Unscrew and remove the lid, remove the foil pouch from the cup. Open the foil pouch-

[9:31] Tearing Noise

[9:32] Shawn: -and remove the white sachet.

[9:34] Music

[9:36] Shawn: Fill the cup with water up to the marked fill line which is approximately 200 mililiters.

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[9:44] Shawn: Place the sachet in the cup and leave the room. The fumigation treatment takes minimally four hours and can be left overnight. When reentering the room, we recommend wearing propper PPE which includes a NIOSH approved chemical respirator to discard of the GC fast release product. The reaming liquid can be dumped down any drain and the sachet discarded in any standard trash receptacle.

The GC extended release is a next generation, humidity activated, ultrapure chlorine dioxide generator.

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[10:17] Gloves Snap

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[10:20] Shawn: To activate, open the clamshell, remove the inner packaging, and the foil pouch.

[10:25] Music

[10:27] Shawn: Open the foil pouch-

[10:28] Tearing Noise

[10:28] Shawn: -and remove the white sachet.

[10:29] Music

[10:36] Shawn: Simply place the sachet back inside the clamshell and close it up.

[10:38] Music

[10:42] Pop

[10:44] Shawn: We recommend writing the date of deployment on the outside of the clamshell for easy reference. For best results, replace the sachet every 30 days.

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[11:01] Eric: Thanks for tuning in, if you’d like to find out more about the product we just went over in this video click on the link in the description below. Down there, you’ll also find all the contact information to get directly in touch with me. Please, make sure to subscribe and check out some of our other videos as well.

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GardnClean Fast Release 2.5K (2500 cu ft) 

GardnClean Extended Release 2.5K (2500 cu ft) 

GardnClean Liquid Mix (12.5 Gallons at 100ppm) 

GardnClean Liquid Mix (30 Gallons at 100ppm) Commercial 

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