FOHSE Aries 640W LED Grow Light Unboxing and Review


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The FOHSE Aries 640W is a best-in-class LED Grow Light made for the home grower. With top of the line specs, the FOSHE Aries 640W LED is guaranteed to give you the highest quality flower with the best yields. Stop by a GrowGeneration soon to get yours.

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*Transcription* Fohse Aries 640 W LED Grow Light

[0:00] Tom: Hi guys, this is Tom Stanchfield, uh, over at FOHSE Lighting, uh, we’re gonna be talking about our Aries 640 watt fixture.

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[0:20] Tom: So, we’ve got the Aires 640 watt fixture here. Most of you guys know the A3i on a commercial scale, what we wanna do is be able to have our home growers be able to utilize the same technology that our commercial-scale growers are using today. So, basically dumbed it down to a smaller fixture. 33 inches by 33 inches. Very compact unit at 640 watts. The PPF levels on this fixture are right around 1792. Uh, very powerful fixture with the highest efficacy of any home grow fixture on the market today. Starting at around two point eight to three on the efficacy standpoint.

The FOHSE Aires is the best of everything. It’s a full spectrum fixture. We’ve got three different spectrums to navigate through for a full cycle. A lot of folks will drop in clones and use our spray spectrum transfer into summer and then go into autumn. This fixture is best in class. Um, it’s IP67 certified, so no dust, water, or mites can get into the fixture. Also makes for a very easy clean at the end of the harvest. A lot of our clients will actually use a power washer to get the fixture clean and ready for the next harvest. 

Here at FOHSE, we have a phrase, “buy right, and buy once.” Um, these are world-class fixtures that all come with a five-year warranty. The FOHSE Aires has very strong canopy penetration. Um, with 1700 PPF, you’re really able to penetrate down in the canopy further than you would with a lower compact LED or an HPS fixture giving you guys substantially larger yields. Also, all the bars on these Aires swivel so that way you can kind of create some side penetration and, you know, get uniformity across the canopy as you so choose. 

At FOHSE, we build best-in-class fixtures. Aries, obviously being the best-in-class fixture for our home growers and any commercial grower growing in a rack scenario. We control everything here with our FOHSE controller. Um, basically with that you can navigate through the different spectrums that we have. Uh, we’ve got a summer, spring, and autumn spectrum that all serve a different purpose throughout the flowering cycle. Also, able to control the PPF levels down to the canopy with the swipe of your finger. The fixture’s dimmable down to 31 percent and you can obviously ramp it all the way up to 100 percent of the fixture’s capacity.

Every fixture we have here is LED so, no longer have to change bulbs or raise or lower any of your fixtures to chase the canopy. The Aires has very intelligent thermal management. Ah, there’s no more chasing the heat around. Everything in the Aires is actually top cooled so nothing’s actually coming down on your leaf surface temperature causing any stress on your plants.

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[2:41] Tom: Be sure when you get your Aries that you look at which voltage it is. We have everything from 100 to 480, 100 to 277 being low voltage and 240 to 480 being high voltage. So, make sure you match up your voltages when picking out your Aries fixture. 

You’ll notice once you get your Aries that the fixture is completely intact. It comes with the hanging hangers to hang your fixture and also the power cord to plug in. So, you’ll see the hangers to hang your Aries. All you have to do is hang those in the eyeholes on the Aries and hang them to the unit strut or whatever you’re hanging your fixture from.

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[3:10] Tom: Simply screw the power cord right into the fixture.

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[3:16] Tom: In order to operate your Aries fixture, you’re gonna need to purchase one of FOHSE wall controllers which is bought separately. Once you open FOHSE’s wall controller box, you’ll see what looks like a little iPad, uh, touchscreen mechanism in order to operate your FOHSE Aries. Once you take the tablet out of the box, what you’ll see is two different cables. One of which is gonna be a communication cable that plugs right into the fixture, the other is going to be the power cord that operates and powers up the wall controller. 

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[3:42] Tom: So, once you get everything out of the box, what your gonna do is tie in the communication cable to the fixture and then the other end is gonna go into the wall controller and then also plug in the wall controller to the wall so that way you have communication between the wall controller and your Aries fixture.

So, once you get everything plugged in, what you’re gonna notice is on the wall controller your gonna have three different options. You’re gonna have an option to adjust your spectrums between spring, summer, and autumn. 

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[4:08] Tom: Uh, you’re gonna have the brightness levels in which you can dim down to 31 percent and ramp up to 100.

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[4:16] Tom:  And then, also, you’re going to be able to set your schedules whether you’re doing 12 on 12 or 18 on six. Whatever you guys are doing, you can just set your schedule and you are good to go.

The Aries is best-in-class fixture. Um, we’re super excited to bring this out to our home growers. We can reach these by either going to or reaching out to your local Grow Generation.

Thanks for joining us today for the unveiling of the FOHSE Aries. Ah, please stop by your local Grow Generation to grow like a pro. 

Grow Generation Editorial 


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