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Super Soil is a super charged mixture that contains all of the nutrients you’ll need to grow your plants throughout the veg and flower cycle. It makes growing much easier and gets great results for your plants. In this video, Shaq gives you all the info you’ll need to mix and cook your super soil.

[0:00] Shaq: Hi, this is Shaq with Grow Generation back here to talk to you about Super Soil. Now, what is Super Soil? Super Soil is gonna be a mixture of additives, soil, earthworm castings in order to make all the nutrients available for your plant, right off the bat.

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[0:22] Shaq: So, the benefits of your Super Soil are gonna be two things. One, you mix it and that’s about all you’re gonna have to do other than water your plants weekly. Number two, it’s gonna make sure you don’t have to continue to add nutrients throughout your entire growth. Kind of a mix it and leave it kind of thing.

Super Soil is gonna be used indoor or outdoor. However it’s gonna work for you, you can use it. Let’s start with where you’re gonna do it. Now, the thing to think about is this go- is going to be warm. This is also going to have microbes and bacterias that are going to go ahead and be eating the additives that are inside of it, so it’s gonna smell a little bit. So make sure you probably wanna keep it in the shed or inside of a garage.

Now let’s talk about what we’re gonna need. We’re gonna go ahead and start off with our base soil. That’s going to be our Roots Organic. This actually has a lot of ingredients already started inside of it for you.

You’re also gonna need some feather meal, this is gonna give you a slow-release nitrogen, fish meal or a bone meal are gonna work for you, this is gonna give you a heavier phosphorus, and then your kelp meal is gonna feed your microbes right here which is gonna be your Great White. You’re also going to need a GroGreen, right here, this is gonna give you some RO water, a five-gallon bucket, a six-by-eight tarp, and some Big Worm earthworm castings. That’s going to be all you need to do this.

To start with we’re gonna get our five-gallon bucket, our five pounds of feather meal, our five pounds of fishbone meal or bone meal, then our kelp meal to feed our microbes, another five pond, and a four-ounce container of Great White directly inside of there and give it a great mix.

You can either take a five-gallon lid, place it on top of here and give it a really good shake, or you can get yourself a stir stick, put it in there and give it a nice good mix.

Next, we’re gonna take our tarp down, we’re gonna place it in a nice flat area where your gonna leave it. Your gonna go ahead and get your three bags of Roots Organic, your one bag, or 30-pound bag of worth- worm castings, ours is gonna be Big Worm, and then you’re gonna place that on the tarp nice and evenly, as even as possible. We’re gonna get our five-pound bucket of mixed amendments and we’re gonna sprinkle it evenly on top of that mixture of worm castings and Roots Organic. Then you’re gonna grab the shovel and then your gonna mix it.

Finally, we’re gonna go ahead and get a hose along with our GroGreen RO filter right here and then you’re gonna wet, not saturate it, you want a nice even moisture to your whole entire mixture. And then your gonna mix it one final time.

The reason you wanna go with the GroGreen is because we wanna take out all the chlorine and chloramines that could be detrimental to our bacterias out of that water to have a nice, clean mixture.

Now you get to sit back, and watch it cook.

So, this is gonna be where your bacterias and your fungis go through and actually start to break down and eat the amendments you got into it to make them readily available from your plant. Now, this is going to take anywhere from one to three months depending on how long you wanna grow that plant inside of that pot for you.

If you only wanna do a flower, which is gonna be from about June through September your going to go ahead and only cook that soil for about one month. Now, if your going wanna and do a whole entire season which is gonna be about May all the way through September, you’re definitely gonna want to cook it for the full three months to make sure all that is activated and readily available for that plant.

The last thing we’re going to talk about is gonna be pot size. Now, I do recommend, if your gonna go ahead and only do a short season and just a flower, only use a five-gallon bucket. Otherwise, if you wanna do the whole season, you’re definitely gonna need a seven-gallon bucket to put that Super Soil in.

Our final tip for this is gonna be, make sure you do not plant a seed or a small clone inside this mixture. If you do, they’re gonna have imminent death almost. Ah, Otherwise, just go ahead and put a twelve to fourteen-inch plant inside of this and watch it grow for the summer.

That’s it. Thank you for watching. Make sure to subscribe so that you can go ahead and continue to grow like a pro.

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Grow Generation Editorial 


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