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PowerSi is the original patented form of stabilized, bio-available silicic acid for crops. It is a proprietary mix of micro-elements supplemented with boric acid, phosphoric acid, and potassium sulfate. It is pure, highly concentrated, with fast visible effects. Stop by a GrowGeneration today to pick up your PowerSi!

[0:00] Eric: Hey, it’s Eric from Grow Generation and today we’re here to talk about PowerSi’s line of specialty additive products.

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[0:16] Eric: In front of me we have their original and bloom monosilicic acids. The PowerSi Original is going to be used for your vegetative process and you’re only gonna need a half milliliter per gallon. Some of the benefits you’ll see during the cloning process when you use PowerSi’s Original versus its competitors are faster rooting times, a resistance to mold, and an easier transition out of the dome. Your plant will exhibit more vigor, thicker stalks and stems, increased lateral branching, resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, better root development, and better nutrient absorption.

PowerSI spent three years developing Bloom in order to give the growers an additive that gives them visible results. During the flowering process, some of the benefits you’re going to see from using PowerSi’s Bloom are faster transitions into bloom, bud sights by day eight, tighter internal spacing and better stacking, larger, more dense flowers, more resin and terpene production, and higher concentrate yields.

PowerSi’s Control is an eco-insecticide that uses only natural extracts. It’s effective against spider mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, and powdery mildew. PowerSi Control has an extremely low concentration rate of only about five to ten milliliters per gallon.

Other competitive organic IPMs have a much higher concentration rate anywhere from 30 to 240 milliliters per gallon. That low concentration means that PowerSi control comes at a significantly lower cost compared to its competitors. Also, PowerSi Control can be used as a foliar spray or a root drench.

Now, we’re moving on to PowerSi Granular which is the first product of its kind. It’s a top dress slow-release monosilicic acid. PowerSi Granular has a lot of the same benefits as the Original but it’s geared more towards your outside growers and greenhouse growers. It is, by far, the most cost-effective monosilicic acid on the market.

Using PowerSi Granular for an indoor plant brings your total cost per plant to about 15 cents per month and on an outdoor plant, it brings it to about $2.50 when you’re using a 200-gallon smart pot. What really separates PowerSi from the other nutrient companies on the market is that they formulate their products from proven results, rigorously tested in the garden.

PowerSi produces some of the most cost-effective nutrient products on the market, they show visible and fast results, and they are in a unique position to work with some of the top extractionists around the country. So stop by a Grow Generation near you and pick up your new line of PowerSi products so you can start growing like a Pro. And remember, if you like this video, make sure to click the like button down below. Have a great day and thanks for checking in.

Power Si Silicic Acid 1 Liter (6/Cs) 

Power Si Silicic Acid 500 ml (12/Cs) 

Power Si Silicic Acid 5 Liter (2/Cs) 

Power Si Silicic Acid 20 Liter (1/Cs) 

Power Si Silicic Acid 250 ml (12/Cs) 

Power Si Bloom 1 Liter 

Power Si Bloom 20 Liter 

Power Si Bloom 5 Liter

Grow Generation Editorial 


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